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Landlord Certificates

It is law that any property that is rented out must be inspected annually and a Landlords gas safety certificate issued.

For this certificate to be issued we check and test every gas burning appliance to ensure that it has being installed correctly and that it is operating safely, we also do a gas tightness test on the entire property and check all carbon monoxide alarms.

New home inspections

Very similar to a landlords certificate but in this case we are checking and testing the appliances to determine that they are safe and to check what the life span maybe so that the prospective house buyer doesn't have any nasty surprises.

New Builds

At D&H we are always looking to take on new clients and whether we price off the plans or arrange a site visit we can accommodate any size of project and can price for installing only or by using our discount at our supplies we can supply all required materials at a very competitive price.

Bespoke Projects

Over the 30 years of combined experience that we have there aren't many jobs, projects or requests that we haven't heard of and by using the contacts and trades that we have made over the years there aren't any that we haven't managed to complete.

Agricultural Requirements

Again using our contacts we can offer the driving of a tractor to pull various sized water pipes through the soil without causing major damage and expense this maybe used to feed animal drinking troughs or simply running a new water feed to a property.


By using the latest technology we can offer a full drain inspection, repairing and lining damaged pipes, removing roots that have penetrated the drain or simply unblocking them, we have a option for every scenario.

Water Treatment and Testing

Whether there is a dead animal in the header tanks or an old galvanised rotting water tank we can chemically clean the tanks and pipe work by using chlorification tablets and allowing them to dissolve and then flushing through until we reach a neutral PH balance.

Legionella Testing

By taking samples at various water outlets we then send these away to our nominated laboratory where they are tested and a report made, once all tests are complete a certificate will be issued informing us of the results.